• Q: What can I do with the Sushi King MY app?
  • A: This app replaces the previous membership system (Sushi King Member Card) starting in 2019 and comes with greater benefits.

    Upon successful Sushi King MY account activation, you can start collecting Smile Points every time you spend at Sushi King restaurants. You will also enjoy Birthday Rewards and Smile Specials. On top of that, you will get to know about our latest promotions through this app. For more information, see section 2. REWARDS, BENEFITS, EARNINGS AND REDEMPTIONS.

  • Q: Who can register for a Sushi King MY account?
  • A: To get a Sushi King MY account, you must;

    • Have a valid NRIC/Passport.

    • Be 16 years of age or older.

    • Have a valid email address.

    • Have a valid mobile number.

    • Have a smartphone.

  • Q: Must I have the Sushi King MY app on my mobile phone to be a Sushi King Member?
  • A: Yes, you must download the Sushi King MY app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register for a Sushi King MY account via the app to be a Sushi King Member.

    The app will be used to collect and redeem Smile Points and Smile Rewards, as well as to communicate with Sushi King Members about our latest promotions.

  • Q: Will I still receive a membership card after registering on the app?
  • A: No, there will not be any membership card issued after registering on the app.

  • Q: What if I don't have a smartphone?
  • A: Unfortunately, our membership is now on the app. Therefore, you must have a smartphone which is able to download and install the Sushi King MY app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Q: Do I have to pay to apply for the new membership?
  • A: No, we no longer collect an application fee for our membership.

  • Q: How do I activate my Sushi King MY account after registration?
  • A: After completing the online registration form via the Sushi King MY app, you should be receiving an SMS from us to your registered mobile number with a 4-digit verification code (OTP code) to complete your Sushi King MY account activation.

  • Q: Will I be able to enjoy all Sushi King Member benefits instantly upon registration?
  • A: Yes, you will enjoy all Sushi King Member benefits, including accumulating Smile Points, immediately after activating your account.

  • Q: Will my Sushi King MY account expire?
  • A: No, this membership account will not expire.

  • Q: Is my Sushi King MY account transferable?
  • A: No, your membership account is non-transferable.

  • Q: Am I able to hold more than one Sushi King MY account?
  • A: You are not allowed to have multiple Sushi King MY accounts as each membership account is uniquely tagged to your registered details. In the event that a member was found to have more than 1 Sushi King MY account, all accounts related to the member will be suspended immediately.

  • Q: What benefits can I get as a Sushi King Member?
  • A: For every RM1 nett spent (not including Service Charge and Service Tax, and after Smile Points and Complimentary Vouchers redemption), you will be awarded with 1 Smile Point. The Smile Points will be converted to cash rebates (20 Smile Points = RM1) which can be used in your next bill. However, Smile Points will only be awarded for 1 transaction per day.

    Members can choose to fully or partially redeem the available balance. You may also keep accumulating Smile Points through several purchases and redeem products of higher value at a later time.

    You will also receive double Smile Points during Members' Day, and other Sushi King Member privileges (such as Birthday Rewards and Surprise Rewards) which are tracked in the Smile Rewards section. The Promotions section will update you on the various promotions you may benefit from as a result of being a Sushi King Member.

  • Q: Is all my spending at Sushi King entitled to earn Smile Points?
  • A: Purchases of normal priced items in our restaurants (Food & Beverages) are entitled to Smile Point earnings excluding specific promotion periods (ie: Bonanza). Additionally, Smile Points will NOT be awarded for purchases from our Delivery Partners (ie: DeliverEat, Foodpanda, GrabFood, etc), OrderBot, Sushi Making Classes, catering and purchase of cash or gift vouchers.

  • Q: Are Smile Points granted according to the total amount paid in each purchase or the aggregate amount of several purchases?
  • A: Smile Points earned are based on the total amount settled in each purchase. The amount spent in separate purchases cannot be combined for the purpose of claiming more Smile Points.

    For example, if you spend RM20.50 for a certain purchase (20 Smile Points earned), and after the transaction is settled, you spend RM10.50 for another purchase (10 Smile Points earned), the total Smile Points accumulated from the two purchases will be 30 rather than 31.

  • Q: Will my Smile Points and Smile Rewards expire?
  • A: Yes, Smile Points rewarded from purchases at Sushi King restaurants will expire 3 months from the date the Smile Points were earned while each Smile Reward and Smile Specials expires according to the validity period stated on T&C. Birthday Rewards (Dessert + 200 Smile Points) expires at the end of your birthday month.

  • Q: How do I redeem my Smile Points?
  • A: Smile Points can only be redeemed for purchases of normal priced items. The earliest expiring Smile Points will be redeemed first.

  • Q: Is there any minimum spending required to redeem each Smile Rewards?
  • A: The redemption requirement for each Smile Reward differs. You may check the Terms & Conditions for each individual Smile Reward for the full details.

  • Q: Can I redeem more than one Smile Reward in the same transactions?
  • A: Yes! You may redeem up to 2 Smile Rewards in a day on top of Smile Points redemption.

  • Q: Is it possible to merge the Smile Points accumulated in two Sushi King MY accounts owned separately by me and my friend for redemption in the same transaction?
  • A: Sushi King MY accounts are designated for individual use by the members of the respective accounts only. No merging or transfer of Smile Points from different Sushi King MY accounts is allowed in one transaction.

  • Q: How can I check my Smile Points and Smile Rewards?
  • A: You can do this using the Sushi King MY app by clicking on your Smile Points in the app home page. You can check your Smile Points and Smile Rewards anywhere, anytime. The receipt from your purchase will only show the total Smile Points you have in your account.

  • Q: I have no internet connection. Can I still earn or redeem Smile Points?
  • A: An internet connection is required to redeem your Smile Points and to ensure that you are viewing the most recent information in the app. However, you can still earn Smile Points as mentioned in the answers below.

  • Q: What if my mobile phone is out of battery and is unable to display the app? Can I provide my mobile number instead to earn or redeem Smile Points?
  • A: Unfortunately, to earn and redeem your Smile Points and Smile Rewards, you are required to show your Member ID QR code. If you have any trouble with your redemption, kindly call 03-5622 5339 for assistance.

  • Q: What do I do when I don't receive my Smile Points?
  • A: This could be due to an unstable internet connection. Make sure your internet connection on your mobile phone is stable. Also, please keep your receipt. If you do not receive your Smile Points after 24 hours, please get in touch with us via email at feedback@sushi-king.com

  • Q: What happens if the outlet's system is down/offline? Can I still earn or redeem Smile Points and Smile Rewards?
  • A: When the outlet's system is down/offline, you are still able to earn Smile Points. Unfortunately, you cannot redeem any Smile Points and Smile Rewards when the outlet's system is down/offline.

  • Q: Can I make changes to the personal information of my Sushi King MY account?
  • A: You are advised to contact our Customer Service via email at feedback@sushi-king.com to make changes in your Sushi King MY profile. To reset your password, you may do it through the My Account section in the app by clicking "Forgot Password".

  • Q: How are my personal details managed?
  • A: The protection and use of your data are compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010. Please refer to the terms and conditions and privacy policy at http://sushi-king.com/privacy-notice/ for further details.

  • Q: If I have any questions that are not covered here, where can I go for further enquiries?
  • A: You may contact our Customer Service for further clarification via email feedback@sushi-king.com

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